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A Demi Lovato Icontest

"Here we go Again"

Demi Lovato Icontest
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A Demi Lovato icon contest for every Demi fan.

Welcome to dlovato_icntest, We are an icon contest community dedicated to Demi Lovato.Our purpose is to provide icon making challenges featuring the lovely Demi Lovato.Known by her show Sonny with a Chance,and best known for her "Don't Forget" album. We would love for you to participate in any challenges!Any promotion of this community would be much appreciated.Thank you for Joining and we hope you enjoy your stay &hearts

- please only submit new icons you make specifically for the challenge.
- no animations, of course.
- any textures, brushes, effects you use on the icon are welcome.
- all icons must be 100x100 & reach lj icon standards.
- Any icons must be appropriate and no language please.
- must be a member to enter a challenge, so please join :D
- Any Questions? Contact one of the mods.stay_tuned_4, paintedtarget, or reunions

> New challenge goes up on Monday
> Challenge closes and voting goes up Friday
> Winners announced Monday

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